✅ Registrations Closed for 2022-23 Session
👉 Streams: Punjabi, Keertan & Tabla

Saadh sangat ji, after a highly successful 2020-21, 2021-22 & 2022-23 academic sessions, where we had over 100 enrollments worldwide, registrations will open for 2023-24 academic session for all three streams in end of May 2023. Please stay tuned for the related announcements.

🗒 Registration Forms:

👉 Keertan Classes:
🔗 https://tinyurl.com/3pzmead2
⚠️ 8yrs or above.
❌ Due to logistic issues for keertan classes, we are only accepting applications from USA/Canada. 🙏

⁉️ In case of any difficulty in filling the registration forms, please contact us @ 🔗 https://tinyurl.com/vnjyubr9

✅ All old & new students must register for new session at the above forms. We are accepting registrations for new students in each stream based on their proficiency levels. You can select your or your child’s proficiency levels in the above forms.

🔴 Limited Seats: Seats are limited to provide individual attention to each student for a greater learning experience.

All the requisite information & forms can be accessed at the following web-links from your laptop or desktop computer by visiting: https://tampagurdwara.com.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki Fateh! 🙏

🔸 Panjabi Classes 2021-22

🔸 Keertan Classes 2021-22

🔸 Tabla Classes 2021-22

To keep update to date with announcements, course content, and audio recordings check back regularly and please have new handouts printed for Class Notes.

Please download the Kirtan Class Schedule so that you are aware of all upcoming classes and test sessions:

Course material for 2020-2021:

  1. Sargams (Kehrwa)
  2. Jaisa Satgur Suneedha (Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  3. Too Thakur Tum Peh Ardaas (Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  4. Saas Saas Simro Gobind (Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  5. Aisee Kirpa Mohay Karo (Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  1. A. Gun Keerat Nidh Moree (NA/Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
    B. Mango Raam They Ek Daan (NA/Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  2. Sant Paiyee Gur Satgur Pooray (Bhopali/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  3. Jis Da Sahib Dada Hoye (Kafi/Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  4. Keerat Prabh Ki Gaao (Dhanasri/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  5. Maeray Laalan Ki Sobha (Kalyaan/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  1. A) Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai (Malconse/Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
    B) Thir Ghar Bai So Har Jan Piyaare (Bhopali/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  2. Har Har Naam Nidhaan Hai (Darbari Kanara/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  3. Prabh Sau Laag Rahio Meraa Cheet (Dhanasri/Kehrwa)
    Shabad | Notations
  4. Rakha Ek Hamara Swami (Bhairon/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  5. Thakur Tum Saranaaee (Sarang/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  1. Aaye Mil Gursikh Aaye Mil (Tilang/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  2. Att Pritam Man Mohana (Bihagara/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  3. Baras Ghana Meera Man Bheena (Malhaar/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  4. Aaisee Preet Karahu Man Mere (Asavari/Teen taal)
    Shabad | Notations
  5. Baras Saras Aagiaa (Malhaar/Ek taal)
    Shabad | Notations

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