Tampa Gurmat School (TGS) continues to grow from strength to strength by teaching around 100 students in Panjabi, Keertan & Tabla Classes from USA, Canada & India, with a time schedule spread over weekdays & weekends throughout the year.

☀️ Panjabi classes curriculum runs on a cutting edge technology using an industry standard for professional e-Learning. New books were also introduced to keep the curriculum fresh.

☀️ Keertan & Tabla classes continue to evolve with our amazing teachers and we can already see a marked progress in our students.

Tampa Gurdwara would like to acknowledge the priceless contributions of:

Bibi Anjali Kaur Sethi
Bhai Amrit Singh
Bibi Satinder Kaur
Bibi Anu Kaur Nanda
Bibi Manjit Kaur Puri
Bibi Navneet Kaur
Bibi Sona Kaur Dhalla
Bibi Ravinder Kaur Bhalla
Bibi Simran Kaur Kohli
Bibi Gunjandeep Kaur | Teacher & School Coordinator | Ask a Question

We have no idea how our teacher volunteers shuffle their time out of their extremely busy office schedules & personal lives. With their grit & determination, they have overcome so many logistical challenges to manage the school curriculum seamlessly. For the sake of our upcoming young generation, our dynamic teachers have so far put-in thousands of selfless volunteer hours & counting! 🙏

📍 To enroll and/or for more information about the current and the next academic session, please contact us at:
🔗 https://tinyurl.com/gurmatschool

🙏 You can always support Tampa Gurmat School by donating at the following link:

🔗 https://tampagurdwara.com/paypal

Your support & encouragement keeps the volunteers motivated and moving forward in their mission for our upcoming young generation.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! 🙏

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