Monthly Sikh Youth Divaan

The first Sunday of each month is being dedicated as the "Youth Divaan" at the Tampa Gurdwara. The word "youth" is being used quite loosely here as it covers all age groups, including kids, students, moms/dads, aunties/uncles etc. Any and everyone is welcome to participate in the Divaan from doing Kirtan/tabla, Paat, Simran, sakhis, poems, speeches, announcements, Ardaas and Hukamnama.

To confirm your or your kid's participation in the Youth Divaan, please pick the slot in the following spreadsheet.

  Monthly Participation Roster 2019

Being "center stage" isn't the only way you and your kids can participate in the Divaan. Chaur seva, parshaad seva, napkin seva, or langar seva, are others things you may want to consider doing.

Please e-mail with what you would like to participate in. In your email, include the participant's name, whether they will be doing Kirtan/tabla, sakhi, etc., and the shabad or topic.

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