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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Gurmat Camps are one of the most important events, our Gurdwaras conduct, to connect and guide our upcoming generations to Sikhi. Tampa Gurdwara has been successfully organizing the Sikh Youth Gurmat Camps during the summer breaks in schools with great enthusiasm over the years. Last year, the Gurmat Camp was successfully organized under the able supervision & the initiatives of Bibi Hardeep Kaur Ji & Bibi Anjali Kaur ji.

This year, as the luck would have it, both of them are unavailable during the summer breaks… And, thus, we seek volunteers from within the Tampa sangat to take an initiative and come forward to share the responsibilities of organizing the Gurmat Camp this year.

Organizing a week-long event requires a lot of dedication and collective effort. Ideally, a pool of 3-5 dedicated volunteers would be required to share various week-long responsibilities, of course, with other members from Tampa sangat chipping in with their important contributions.

🔥 Hurry up sangat ji, time is running out! Volunteers willing to be a part of this initiative may urgently contact Bhai Mohan Singh Ji at ☎️ 813-986-6205 or during normal Sunday divaans. 🙏

👉 Please note: The final decision to conduct the camp will be taken after taking into consideration the feasibility and the availability of sufficient volunteers for a successful event.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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