✅ Donate with Your Bank App

(🔸 Safe 🔹 Secure 🔸 Recommended)

✅ Maximize your gift of donation & save time by doing following three easy steps, by paying directly through your mobile bank app with Zelle.

Step   1️⃣    Simply add 813-599-1557 as the payment recipient. (Zelle will automatically recognize United Sikh Religious & Educational Foundation, Inc. (USREF) as the recipient);

Step   2️⃣    As the reason for making the donation, put a comment like:

🔹 Free Food Program;
🔸 Gurdwara Maintenance;
🔸 Birthday Ardaas;
🔹 Ardaas for the Departed;
🔹 Add Your Own Reason;

Step   3️⃣    Press SEND button and your donation will be instantly transferred to the associated Tampa Gurdwara (USREF) Bank Account.

✅ Major banks using Zelle:
🔸 Bank of America,
🔹 Chase Bank,
🔸 Wells Fargo,
🔹 and many more!

✅ Click here to see if your bank uses Zelle Pay to send receive funds.

✅ All donations are 100% tax-deductible. You can collect receipts when Gurdwara services resume.
❌ Gurdwara loses 3% on every donation transaction made through PayPal. Following options are recommended.

📩 Mail Your Donation Checks To:

✅ United Sikh Religious & Educational Foundation, Inc. (USREF)
15302 Morris Bridge Road,
Thonotosassa, FL 33592

(Recurring & One Time Donations)

✅ Get the most out of your gift of donation by registering USREF as your payee on your bank’s Bill Pay system.

📌 Online Bill Pay Set-up Instructions:
🔘 Below are general steps to set up online Bill Pay from your personal banking account.

🔹 Please log into your account online and enroll in Bill Pay.
🔸 Once you enroll, click “Add a Payee”.
🔸 Enter the payee’s name, address, phone number and email in the “Search Payee” tab, and click “Next.”
▶︎ USREF, 15302 Morris Bridge Road, Thonotosassa, FL 33592
🔹 Phone: 813-599-1557, Email: info@tampagurdwara.com
🔸 Please mention a reason for making the donation in description section.
🔹 The bank will print and mail a check to us on your behalf, done!


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